logoNow in it’s second year FermentFest is the prelude to October, a month known around the world for a celebration of beer is also NZ Cheese Month. Home to several award winning cheese makers and of late many exciting craft brewers FermentFest is a celebration of these to industries.

At the forefront of promoting local food producers and hospitality industries, Waikato Food Inc have brought local brewers and cheese makers together for this inaugural event to be held at SkyCity Hamilton on Saturday the 30th September.

Lat years event was huge and we are expecting it to be even bigger this year!  Craft brews, artisan cheeses, entertainment and demos – mark it in your diary.

Could there be a more enjoyable way to support local?

Free Entry
Saturday 30th September, 11am – 5pm
The Atrium at SkyCity, Hamilton

Proudly brought to you by Waikato Food Inc, SkyCity Hamilton and NZ Cheese Month



Three Fat Pigs

Three Fat Pigs Brewing is three guys, brought together by thirst, united by passion and dedicated to great beer.

Based in Hamilton, New Zealand we are committed to producing great beer using ingredients from at home and abroad.



Pilot Brewery

Like all good ideas Pilot Brewery came to be over a few beers after a big day flying. A group of 10 pilots sinking a few cold ones. Paul pipes up, “that’s a lot of recycling to place at the gate on Monday, what are the neighbours going to think?” Then Dan adds, “what we need is to buy one of those automatic brewing kits”. Dan’s good with ideas, but tonight he’s just not thinking. Why stop at 20 litres a fortnight, that’s just not going to cut it. We need to think bigger. A few more beers and we have out 50 litres a day.

That night not only have we begun a brewery we have already outgrown it and on to the second incarnation.

Quite good for a nights work I’d say.


Shunters Yard

Peter McKenzie has been brewing a range of craft beers on the estate since 2007. His Shunters Yard Brewery brews no less than 17 different beers with at least two on tap in the restaurant at any one time. The brewery is situated in a converted shed behind the cafe where Pete, a mechanical engineer by trade has adapted much of the brewing equipment from left over dairy and food industry items.


Good George

Good George came to life after a bunch of friends got together and decided, after years in hospitality and brewing, it was time to create their own craft beer brand. Their main motivation was to show people what great beer can be, convert drinkers from the norm and show them how to enjoy fantastic beer.

The mission of the team at Good George above all else is to bring beer & cider drinkers experiences worthy of their time and efforts. Good George will encourage them to explore the awesome world of beer and cider, show them how best to enjoy it, and have a bloody good time in the process.



Greig McGill and Phil Murray, Hamilton friends with a serious love of beer. Together, we combine, in the manner of 80’s cartoon robots, to form Brewaucracy allowing us to craft some of the beers we most enjoy with an eye to sharing them with you all.

We are brewers without a brewery. We wanted to share our beers with you all, but we just didn’t have the capital for big piles of shiny stainless steel. Other brewers have made massive investments in big piles of shiny stainless steel, and we love and respect their chutzpah in doing so. There aren’t many rich brewers in New Zealand. We can help these brewers pay for their shiny stainless by paying them to brew our beer, rewarding their risk, and we get to produce our beer also. Ah, capitalism. Win/win!


Lakeman Brewing

On the shores of the great Lake Taupõ, tales abound of a mythical beer-drinking beast. He’s a big hairy bugger and the locals call him Lakeman.

But there’s something that sets him apart from other mythical beer-drinking beasts. Lakeman fancies craft beer, you see. And because you never want to get on the wrong side of such a creature, we created a brewery in his honour. It’s called Lakeman Brewing Co, and is fast becoming the stuff of legend around these parts. One taste and you’ll know why. Lakeman is brewed from Taupo’s purest natural water and boasts malty, hoppy flavours as big as the myth itself. So if you spot one, don’t be afraid. Just coax it gently to the nearest bar leaner, raise it to your lips and get it down you, you big hairy beast.


Hot Water Brewing Co.

Long time Whenuakite farmers Don and Dawn Walker often had tourists knocking on their door asking where they could stay in the area and they had a feeling that a holiday park with camp sites and cabins would work well.

The development of the brewery and restaurant has been the most challenging of all their projects says Dawn, but it’s been worth it.

“It’s so satisfying now. Our beers are being enjoyed all round the country and our guests and the local community are also able to enjoy the award-winning beers and delicious food.”

Brewer Dave Kurth is passionate about good beer. He started his profession 10 years ago in Cornwall, England after replying to an ad in the local paper.

He has since then perfected his art by travelling the world and brewing at a number of world class breweries under the guidance of some renowned head brewers.

Since his return to New Zealand Dave has won a number of awards brewing beer for Hot Water Brewing Co and, before that, the West Coast Brewery.


Cheese Makers

Over The Moon

Cheese is an adventure! Over The Moon Dairy proudly bring you handcrafted cheeses of all descriptions to delight your senses.

Theye create New Zealand’s widest range of speciality cheeses from the world’s finest ingredients – locally sourced goat, cow, sheep and buffalo milk.

Their boutique factory, based in the lush dairying region of South Waikato, has been producing specialty cheese since 2007 and has won more than 75 medals and a dozen trophies from around the world.

They make around 23,000 kilograms of cheese a year, and have a big commitment to developing and promoting New Zealand dairy using international research, development and innovation.

The small factory is on State Highway 1 in Putaruru, in the heart of the South Waikato, and is open for tastings, demonstrations and cheesemaking courses.


Meyer Cheese

The Meyer Gouda Cheese story begins in a tiny village in the South of the Netherlands. After visiting a monastery in Postel where monks were producing handmade cheese, Ben and Fieke Meyer were inspired to try cheese making themselves.  This turned out to be a great decision!

Now, Meyer Gouda Cheese is one of the most significantly awarded companies in New Zealand, picking up Supreme Champion at the first New Zealand Cheese Awards in 1994 and a string of awards since. In 2011, their youngest son Miel was awarded the Cheesemaker of the Year Award ‚Äì the youngest cheesemaker in the history of the competition to scoop the prize.

Meyer image 2

Cilantro Cheese

Our aim with Cilantro is to produce beautiful artisan cheese, while being able to experiment on new variations of traditional cheese making techniques.

Cilantro make handmade sheep and goat cheese following traditional cheese making methods and are committed to keeping a small carbon footprint while producing high quality product.


Mt Eliza Cheese

In the hills behind Katikati, you’ll find Mount Eliza Cheese –
a small artisan creamery where we have revived the age-old art of making cloth-ripened hard cheeses.

Our aim is to bring back the real cheeses – handmade with care, wholesome, down to earth, local and fresh.

Our inspiration comes from the use of traditional recipes and methods that date back centuries.


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