What is Waikato Food Inc?

Serving up the best of the Waikato.  Waikato Food Inc is a not-for-profit group working together to develop a vibrant and cohesive network for food and beverage producers, retailers and consumers in our region.

Our Vision

Championing the Waikato region as a world-class food region

Our goals

To create pride in those that live, work, play and eat in the Waikato.

To celebrate and promote the excellence of Waikato food and beverage products and services.

To encourage and support producers and hospitality businesses to strive for excellence every day.

To create effective communication channels for information sharing, promotion, education and networking for food industry businesses and for interested consumers.

To organise and promote successful food-related events in the Waikato region.


What do we do?

Waikato Food Inc currently run a series of events.  These key events are designed to offer local businesses great opportunities to grow, market themselves, be creative, network and more, all while engaging the Waikato public and building a sense of pride in our region.

These events include;

Feast Waikato

Meyer Cheese Melt Challenge

Matariki Dish Challenge


PLUS field trips connecting local chefs with producers, the Waikato hospitality awards and more.

We are more than an events company! We regularly host media, published the first Waikato Dining guide.  We commission and promote great food stories from the Waikato, are a resource for the public and those in the industry.

We are currently working on a number of other projects.  In 2020 we launched the Producers Collective and want to grow this with mentorships or an incubator type programme for local producers big and small.

We are working on creating resources, tools and programmes to help those in the industry tackle mental health issues, be it their own or those in their team.