Manuka Smoked Pork Hock with purple dawn kumara puree, native leaves, green walnuts, Coromandel wakame, hemp oil dressing, Sweetree Marokopa spring honey

Hine-takurua, the winter maiden who first appears in the sky at the dawn of the Matariki season is the largest star of the Matariki cluster and a wife of the sun, she accompanies him through the sky until the shortest day in late June.

Our crisp pork hocks are cured in a brine with dried fish, seaweed and Horopito then smoked with manuka wood chips to give a range of textures and a true depth of flavour.

Manuka is a New Zealand native and smoking food with manuka is a traditional Maori method of preservation.

The purple dawn kumara’s name and colour represent the winter maidens first appearance in the morning sky, she is also said to watch over all things from the sea where we have sourced fresh wakame seaweed from the Coromandel Peninsula.

Green walnuts have been harvested in Pirongia and preserved with aromats and homegrown herbs.

Young native leaves represent a celebration on new life and our dish is finished with a drizzle of locally supplied herbaceous Sweetree Marokopa spring honey.