Pan seared Gurnard, smoked mussels and clams, steamed peru peru Maori potatoes, creamy coconut and chilli shrimp chowder, crispy salt and horopito squid and pickled watercress.

Matariki is a time of celebration and of bringing whanau together with Kai.

This year my inspiration is the God Rongomatane, God of cultivated foods.

He Huia Kaimoana is a reference to the words Huia Kaimanawa treasures, showing how important the Huia was to our people as a major source of kai. The Manu Huia is now extinct and is a reminder to Maori how treasures can be lost.

So a nod to Rongomatane who encourages whanau to come together during Matariki to cultivate harvest and plant kai. To look after your resources for your pa, harakeke and your whanau so you have kai all year round.