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17 Grantham Street, Hamilton 3204, New Zealand, Hamilton

Offering: Gothenburg tapas takeaway via contactless pick up
Mon - Sun 11.30 am - 8.30 pm
Coffee takeaway available from 9.45am Monday - Friday and from 10.15am Saturday and Sunday.
Here is how to order:
How to order Gothenburg takeaway! Pick up only.
1. Check out our takeaway menu on our website - www.gothenburg.co.nz
2. Ring the restaurant on 078343562 and speak to our team to place your order. We are not using a third party app or online ordering.
3. You can request a time for pick up if calling in advance, or we will tell you the time available for pick up (these will be staggered for social distancing at pick up)
4. You will be sent a secure link to pay for your takeaway by credit card.
Process your credit card to confirm your order.
5. Drive to Gothenburg and park out the front of the ANZ building. Big thanks to our lovely neighbours upstairs, ANZ and Mercury who have loaned us their car parks for takeaway pick up in Level 3.
6. Walk down the side path of the building to our courtyard and our side door.
7. Our staff will see you, please step back from the door, so our staff can come out and place your takeaways at a safe distance on a table for you to pick up.
8. Drive home safely and enjoy your takeaways!
We thank you so much for your support and we are looking forward to cooking for you! Takeaway will be available for lunch and dinner from 11.30am till last order at 8pm. Orders can be rung in from 9.30am on weekdays, and from 10am on Saturdays and Sundays - You can ring and pre-order in advance. - We recommend you ring early to avoid peak times.

Contact Information
Phone: (07) 8343562

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