Feast Waikato 2021 Key Information

From the 1st-5th April. Note this is also Easter weekend with Good Friday on the 2nd of April th and Easter Sunday on the 4th.

Feast Waikato has always been the first weekend in April and so this year instead of shying away from the fact it was Easter we decided to embrace it and take advantage of the fact that it is a long weekend and thus an opportunity for people to be able to do more events and for events to spread across more days.

In light of the C word, there is an appetite for New Zealanders to discover their own backyard and we would like to take advantage of this by encouraging people to come, stay and fall in love with the Waikato over their Easter break.

What is Feast Waikato?

Feast Waikato celebrates the amazing food we have on our region. The long weekend will be filled with fabulous food inspired events to excite and engage locals and visitors alike.

Feast Waikato is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with your community, highlight who you are and what you do by putting on a unique one of a kind event that will have people raving about your business and the mighty Waikato.

This could include collaborations, pop ups, themed dinners/lunches, cooking classes, workshops, shows, food tours, behind the scenes events. Fun family events through to exclusive ticketed ones.

Events can be free or tickets. These are then marketed via Waikato Food Inc (the organisers) via our website, social media, printed programme and our media partners like The Breeze and Nourish Magazine.

Why Get involved?

Feast Waikato is the opportunity for you to shine.

Take advantage of our marketing and hype around Feast to gain new customers, engage old ones or to have existing ones raving, (graming, posting, tagging) about you.

This is the chance to hold that cool event you just haven’t had the time, resources or excuse to before.

To try something new. To excite your team. To keep things fresh.



  • Your event must be created exclusively for Feast Waikato 2021. Ideally it will be, if not different, a step up from what you have done or had planned for previous Feasts
  • Your event needs to showcase your business and the Waikato while exciting the public.
  • It needs to be creative, innovative, fun, and exclusive to Feast Waikato.
  • That you respect the amount of work WFI put into holding Feast Waikato and theopportunities this gives you and the Waikato food and hospitality industry, thus you

    do your part and meet deadlines and pay bills promptly.

  • You must acknowledge the events connection with Feast Waikato and display allFeast logo on all marketing material. This must be approved by the WFI team.
  • No promotion of your event before the 26th of February.
  • Absolutely NO ticketing of your event outside Feast Waikato’s official ticketingsystem.
  • All social media posts must include #feastwaikato and tag in @waikatofoodies

Event Checklist

  • Event Title – Must be 6 words or less. Make it engaging and fun!
  • Create an event description and tagline that sells your event. This is what will

    appear in the programme so make sure it is GOOD and someone has proofed it!

  • Determine event date and times. We want to ensure there is a spread of events

    over the full five days so consider this when choosing the date and time. Also think

    about what or when people are likely to want to enjoy your event.

  • Remember Feast 2021 is on during Easter. Please take liquor licencing and holiday

    Act into consideration when doing your costings and planning the day of your event.

  • Ticket price in your application is the final cost to the public. It MUST include 5%

    ticketing fees which will be deducted from the final amount paid to you post event.

  • What’s included in the ticket price – make sure you help sell your event by telling

    potential guests what is included in the ticket price.

  • Dietary requirements. Is your menu flexible? Will you be able to accommodate

    dietary requirements?

  • Understand that the 29th of January 2021 is the application cut-off date. You must

    have all the information required submitted to WFI by then.

  • Please calendar in the 25th of February so you can be at the official launch of Feast

    and celebrate with us, sponsors, media and VIPs.

  • Make sure you are a current paid up Waikato Food Inc member.