Moving clumps of soil to unearth hidden treats below. Lifting the mats and being engulfed by the delicious earthy and smoky aroma of pork and vegetables making the tummy rumble and mouth water.

Our dish is inspired by the hard work of the local iwi to gather, harvest and feed the hungry stomachs of many people coming to have the traditional marae experience. Sounds of laughter from the whare kai of preparation from the team, the children setting up the dining room, the men lifting the baskets and the team enjoying the fruits of their labour, shows that teamwork is an integral part of the hāngī.

We feel that the hāngī is a perfect representation of the legend of Matariki and her six daughters. From the tending nature of Tupu-ā-nuku, the teamwork of the twins Waitī and Waitā, the good attitude of Ururangi and Matariki’s support of her daughters showcases the attributes used to create this special meal.

Our dish pays simple homage to both Matariki and her daughters and the efforts of the marae community in preparing the hāngī. Nga tamahine e ono – The Six Daughters

Herb Stuffed Otorohanga pork loin served with smoked purple kumara puree, watercress oil, braised cabbage parcels, roasted cherry tomatoes and Pukekawa agria potato game chips.

We are sure to delight with our simple modern twist on the traditional hāngī.