Te Hakari o Hiwa i te Rangi, is based on one of the forgotten stars but truly embraces who we are.  Te Hakari o Hiwa i te Rangi translates to The Feast of Hiwa i te Rangi.  Hiwa is connected to prosperous growth, but also where dreams are made, likened to wishing upon a star.

The dish is made up of 3 stages.

Kawakawa tea which is hand-picked and dried from our homestead in Whaingaroa (Raglan).  Kawakawa serves several purposes in Maoridom, a healer, but in this case, our Kawakawa has a subtle calming effect.  Followed Immediately with the Hakari itself.

The Hakari is based on our flavours from a Hangi, fused with our fusion style.  Rather than traditional chicken we have confit duck leg which has also been smoked in Manuka and Manuka honey cured.  Both have direct links to Tupu A Nuku, and Ururangi

Served with fondant kumara which has been slowly baked in butter for 4 hours, and as kumara is our staple, we have not played with it.  There is a Whakatauki (proverb) Kaore te Kumara e korero mo tona ake reka.  The kumara never talks of its own sweetness. 

Butternut puree is married with miso (a Fusion of our blended culture).

A Hakari is not a Hakari if you dont have a hangi stuffing, this ‘stuffing is hand plucked with love by all our team.  We use this time as Whakawhanaungatanga, whanau time around the table – just like our Kuia and Koro did.  This is steamed in cabbage and finished with a hangi jus.

Watercress, Pikopiko and Horopito are also present in different clusters in pesto form.  In true form, rewana bread is a must, to soak up any juices!

Although the dish is all about Hiwa i te Rangi, it embraces all of the sisters and pays homage to the ingredients in a subtle form and thats how Maori Kai is –  natural.