Rocket coffee cured Cambridge duck, baby beetroot, wild mushroom, goats curd and a horopito tamarillo reduction.

The inspiration behind this dish is in the name Waipuna a rangi.  Waipuna a Rangi accompanies her grandmother to the waters, oceans, lakes and rivers where she prepares the children of Tangaroa (god of the sea) to feed the people.

I love this name for our dish because of the way she looks after and makes sure that there is enough water for our dish to thrive. The wild mushrooms enough for them to grow and flourish. Enough water in lakes and rivers for the duck. The way she watches the water evaporate by the heat of Tama-nui-te-ra (the sun) only to see it rain again which helps with the fruit and vegetables.

This sort of dish reminds me of growing up and going to see the whanau on the farm who had just been out and harvested some fresh duck with a pot of coffee brewing in the background. A big fry up would soon follow with freshly caught tuhinga, veggies, and the multiple other farm animals they had.

Waipuna a rangi knows that if you give to others, all that kindness will come right back to you, and it is this lesson that she shares with us.

Lyden Court, Chartwell