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For a small organisation with limited funds we achieve a lot!  So imagine what we could do with a little more help.

We are always looking for like minded individuals and businesses to partner with – together we can do so much!

So if you love the Waikato, love food, want to build pride and excitment in our region.  If you are part of the industry and want to give back.  If you just love our get it done attitude.

Get in contact, we’d love to have a chat to see how we could work with you.

Email Julia Clark – or call 021 214 5285

Waikato Food Inc leads the country as a regional food advocacy and promotional group. While large urban areas such as Wellington have funded organisations dedicated to the promotion of hospitality and food events, Waikato stands alone in their efforts to fold producers into this mix as well. The fact they do this with minimal funding is truly remarkable.

As we move into uncertain times we expect the tenacity, creativity and dedication to be lead by groups such as this. Our regional food stories and organisations will play a major part of our recovery.   Angela – Eat New Zealand

“Local” is  going to be the most important word in the world of food as we move into our reset planet. The work Food Waikato Inc has done to raise awareness of the possibilities of local food and drink, from small innovative food producers to the large companies, farmers and growers is both impressive and incalculable. I sincerely hope everyone in the region gets behind these wonderful people, and the associated hospitality scene to support and promote this ongoing essential work. Without food we starve, with food we thrive and grow. – Lauraine Jacobs MNZM, Food Writer

WFI is important to me because it is a mechanism for showcasing the best in Waikato food and that contributes to tourism jobs. No other organisation has this role.  Sue Arthur, Over the Moon Dairy Company