Venison rubbed with Horopito, Waiporoporo potato, Kawakawa and blackberry sauce. Wood ear mushrooms.

Maori translation:

Miti Tia kua pangia o te horopito. Taewa Waiporoporo . Te wairanu kawakawa me te Parakipere.

Waiporopro Potatoes: Were introduced to New Zealand in the 1800’s from the Europeans and are known to be a taonga (treasured by) to Maori. They have historical and cultural significance that has been passed down by our ancestors.

Venison was introduced to New Zealand in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s from the United Kingdom.

Blackberries: The first British settlers introduced blackberry to New Zealand in the 1900’s.

Kawakawa and Horopito: Is native to New Zealand and can be used as food or as a medicine.

In the culinary art industry, we work with all types of food and people from different origins and we make it work. If we can put all these ingredients from other countries on a plate and make it work why as people can we not? No matter where we are from, we should be able to come together and work as one with harmony between us all. From “The Great War” to today with the terror attack in Christchurch, we as people need to manaaki and tautoko each other, to care and support each other so we can bring our generation and the next generation to have good and new life.